Are wellness programs worth it?

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“Business leaders are realizing that the status of their workforce is related to the bottom line.” – US Chamber of Commerce // “Winning with Wellness” report

Human resource teams have evolved from being primarily concerned with hiring & firing. With the advent of data, people-first policies, and wider competition for skilled staff; HR professionals have taken on more responsibility. And for good reason: we now know that happy employees are 20% more productive, and highly engaged business units experience 59% lower turnover!

If you’re reading this, you probably manage the most important part of an organization: its people. Hiring the right people is often cited as the most important part of growing a business. Beyond that, you must tactfully navigate complex personalities to keep everyone happy. And then there’s the painful process of separating from people that aren’t a fit anymore.

To meet the added burden, many leading HR departments are using new programs to improve staff wellness, health, and happiness while also juggling myriad other initiatives. Read on to learn how…

A Holistic Approach

To cope with the variety of challenges that HR professionals are now faced with, many are focusing on employee wellness, health, and happiness. 

“Employers following best practices are showing that the way to ultimately control health care costs is by investing in their most important asset – their people – as ‘corporate athletes’ and improving their health & well-being.“ 

– US Chamber of Commerce // “Winning with Wellness” report

Happy & healthy employees are more likely to come to work on time, engage with their coworkers, and produce above-average results. These results are proven by dozens of studies tying positive ROI to wellness initiatives. That’s right, corporate wellness improves productivity and reduces costs so much that it actually has a positive ROI!

Wellness programs are so consistently beneficial that, as more and more data comes in, they become more ubiquitous. As of this writing, over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies offer wellness programs for their staff.

But corporate wellness programs take many forms, from one-on-one counseling to team building exercises to smoking cessation products. We’re interested, what are you finding success with at your organization?

Challenge: Accepted

We at Walker Tracker run wellness challenges in the form of step / walking challenges. Our programs work really well, with huge improvements in employee engagement and delighted clients that re-book with us over 90% of the time.

Challenges are a fun way to include everyone, remain compliant with HR regulations, and genuinely improve the health of the lifeblood of your organization. 

If you aren’t doing a step challenge – even once a year – or if you’re interested in new ways to engage your staff, feel free to talk to our staff. Our zero-obligation consultation call can empower you with best practices that you can implement on your own; but we’re confident that many of you will be amazed at the ways we can delight your staff while relieving you of a burden.

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