When we first met, I was walking from the zocalo (downtown) to my studio apartment on a tiny island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The sun was beating down and the temp was in the mid 90’s (Fahrenheit). A couple blocks from my home was an old lumber yard where I noticed a scrawny black dog tied to a post in the ground.She had two feet of rope, and that was her whole world. Underneath her feet, where she slept and spent her days, was gravel and feces.

I knelt down and reached my hand out slowly, expecting a fearful and aggressive response. What I received is a moment that’s carved into my memories: this pup, covered in mange and fleas, missing fur on half her body, severely underweight, standing in the heat of the day without water – just laid her head in my palm and looked into my eyes.

Before I scooped her up I decided it best to ensure she wasn’t owned and no one was coming back to care for her. I gave her water and some food and headed home. Not a single thing was on my mind but her that night.  I went back the next day and there she was, same place, same condition, same sweet look on her face. That was it. We chose each other. I made up my mind – this pup and I were going to spend our lives together.

This time, she came with me. We convinced a taxi driver to pick us up (not an easy feat) and headed to my friends house, a local shelter for street dogs, where we cleaned her up and secured flea/tick meds immediately. The next few weeks were all about love and comfort – building up her trust in people (and trust that food was going to be readily available to her) and nourishing her body.

Eight years later, Mija and I are besties and she is truly living her best life. We hike, camp, play, cuddle (yes, sometimes she sleeps on my bed with me), and have important conversations.  There’s a bond with this dog I’m not sure I’ll ever experience again – we have been through so much together.  You may think I saved her life, and perhaps I did. But she has saved me as well. Mija is a certified emotional health dog and brings joy to many peoples lives.

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