Great article in the NY Times about the real, physiological effects of exercise on your body  which, while everybody knows exercise is good for you, has been poorly understood by science.

During the experiment, scientists actually saw how much being fit changes your ability to incinerate fat, moderate blood sugar and otherwise function well. They also uncovered proof, at once inspiring and cautionary, of just how complicated and pervasive exercise’s consequences are.

Even ten minutes of exercise can have a significant effect on the ‘metabolites’, in your bloodstream (metabolites, regulators of your metabolism, drive changes in your body):

What they found was that after 10 minutes of treadmill jogging or stationary-bicycle riding, the healthy adults showed enormous changes in the metabolites within their bloodstream, as did the less-fit group, although to a lesser degree. In particular, certain metabolites associated with fat burning were elevated. The fit adults showed increases of almost 100 percent in many of these molecules. The less-fit group had increases in those same metabolites of about 50 percent. As for the marathoners, their blood contained up to 10 times more of the fat-burning markers.

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