Walker Tracker for Remote Employees

Helping virtual employees unplug and interact with fellow workers through fitness-based challenges. 

Walker Tracker encourages remote workers of all abilities, ages, and body types to connect with others, integrate more healthy habits into their day, and cultivate wellness. 

How Walker Tracker Can Encourage Healthy Habits for Remote Workers

Working from home has many benefits for employees today. According to research, 77% of remote workers say that their productivity is higher when they work from home.

Walker Tracker makes this work method even more beneficial by directly addressing 74% of struggles reported by remote workers, including loneliness and not being able to unplug. This wellness app improves the work experience by engaging your remote employees in their health.

Social Engagement

An essential aspect of wellness activities for remote employees is communication and collaboration with others. Social ties with friends have a huge impact on health, improving mental and physical wellbeing. 

Working from home often limits remote employees’ interactions with others. Walker Tracker helps in these situations, focusing on collaboration and interaction to help at-home members feel like part of the team. 

As a virtual employee wellness program, this app allows individuals to connect over miles of distance and feel closer with their fellow coworkers as they complete the various fitness challenges. It even helps international workers in different time zones feel like part of the working family. Various helpful communication tools include in-app messages, push notifications when someone comments on your progress, post-challenge questionnaires, and more.

Walker Tracker also allows members to share their progress and connect with others who posted their achievements to cultivate a sense of community. An open discussion board enables participants to socialize and discuss their goals and challenges.

Metrics Tracking 

Virtual wellness programs for remote work keep track of members’ progress through various metrics. The Walker Tracker App tracks several metrics that contribute to member’s overall wellbeing:


The Walker Tracker App helps keep remote employees motivated with a customizable experience. You can create a fun team name (the options are endless) and choose which virtual maps you want to use. The gamified options include:

  • Education: Unlock interesting content about various topics as members get closer to the goal.
  • Adventure: Travel the world with this option, viewing rich rainforests or beautiful cities.
  • Wellness: Access content about how members can improve their wellbeing. 

Build a More Resilient Workforce

If you want an effective virtual wellness program for remote workers, we have the ideal solution for you. Walker Tracker helps your employees cultivate collaboration and healthy habits, improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

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The Walker Tracker Difference: Activity and Wellness Challenges

Walker Tracker is more than just a step challenge platform. Our innovative Activity Converter converts hundreds of activities into steps – including wheelchair mobility and rock climbing, allowing everyone of all ability levels and body types to participate in a challenge. It even allows people without a device to enter their activity manually.

Our Wellness Suite lets members track several wellness elements like sleep, mood, diet, water intake, heart rate, mindfulness minutes, and more. Wellness tracking helps members to stay well by spotting symptoms and providing a full picture of their physical and mental well-being.

Walker Tracker also provides you with communication tools like surveys, post-challenge questionnaires, custom emails, in-app messages, push notifications and more. Plus, Walker Tracker’s appealing virtual maps are based on real world locations. Proven to be more engaging than charts, these virtual maps feature fun elements like custom pacer icons, milestone markers, and more.