Step Challenges for Fundraisers and Nonprofits

Drive healthy results, bring members together, and amplify fundraising with activity challenge software.

Walker Tracker creates a digital meeting place for your members and partner organizations to work together toward driving awareness while achieving healthy outcomes. Mobile messaging, branded milestones, and enhanced team features are a perfect complement to in-person or virtual events & fundraisers.

Connect Organizations with Members and Partners

How Walker Tracker Can Help With Fundraisers and Nonprofits

Organizations hosting or taking part in fundraisers and nonprofits can use Walker Tracker in several ways. Our app allows you to create an online community centered around people trying to become more active. It will enable every participant to log daily steps.

We offer numerous ways for you to improve engagement in wellness programs.

Wellness App

At Walker Tracker, we understand that wellness is about more than just how many steps you take in a day. That’s why we also let participants track metrics like:

  • Mood.
  • Nutrition.
  • Sleep.
  • Water.
  • Heart rate.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Physical activity.
  • Weight.

Our wellness app is also flexible to fit your fundraiser’s or nonprofit’s needs. For example, all participants in the fundraiser or campaign can convert over 100 activities to a step equivalent using our app or website. Examples of other activities include swimming or hiking.

Members can also use our app to foster social connections about wellness. They can share progress, cheer each other on, journal about their progress, and more!


Another surefire way to motivate your participants to focus on their wellness goals is through challenges. We know how challenges can get people moving in the right direction, so we’ve integrated a few different challenge options into the app:

  • Point system: You can set up points-based challenges that will help encourage people of various fitness levels to complete goals. Walker Tracker evens the playing field, so everyone from beginners to experts has a fair shot at these challenges.
  • Virtual map: Walker Tracker offers a virtual map that helps gamify challenges. As members complete routes, they will learn educational content, with topics ranging from ancient history to wellness content or world travel.
  • Customized challenges: Create a custom challenge designed for your route, no matter where in the world you are. You can also develop a custom points-based challenge that encourages participants to reach your organization or fundraiser’s top wellness priorities.


When starting a new wellness or fitness program, motivation is one of the biggest factors in how well it sticks. Walker Tracker is designed to create an engaging interface that helps motivate your participants. We provide energizing virtual map adventures and wellness journeys that encourage members to turn goals into habits.

Our automated progress updates, notifications, and data insight help improve the app’s engagement features. Walker Tracker helps build consistency and focuses on progress, not competition, allowing everyone to come together to complete goals.

Walker Tracker Charity Spotlight

challenge – international organization

IICF & Members

Mission: Partnering with the community to promote healthy eating and physically active lifestyles through environmental, policy, and organizational changes.

Vision: A community where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Borne out of concern over increasing rates of childhood obesity and chronic diseases. Goals include increasing physical activity, healthy food consumption, civic engagement, and fitness & play.

challenge – community health improvement plan

Miles4Merak, University of California-San Diego

Members of University of California-San Diego medical staff put together a fundraiser to support GIST research to honor the family of a patient, Merak Melikian.

Walker Tracker supported the first annual Miles4Merak challenge and saw fundraising goals exceed their goal by over 50% and we’re back for another year this year!

challenge – regional wellness coalition

Oregon Humane Society

The Oregon Humane Society does not harm healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full. To be considered “no-kill,” a shelter has a placement rate of at least 90% for animals in their care.

Motivated by this, Walker Tracker dedicated the Community Site for National Pet Month, highlighting Bobbie the Wonder Dog, who walked 2500 miles from Indiana to Oregon to reunite with his family!

“Walker Tracker’s featured challenge is a great communication tool and a way to tell the OHS story in a unique way, that isn’t just your typical shelter story,” says Sarah.

Health Data, Delivered.

View participation, engagement & growth. See how members participate and log wellness metrics. Data is anonymous and points are awarded for habit-forming check-ins, not by performance

Tell Your Story

Walker Tracker's virtual maps & mobile apps provide a gamified way to collect and display wellness metrics. Points challenges allow for all types of wellness to be shown in a fun game..

Tell Your Story

Walker Tracker offers mindfulness challenges to create awareness around healthy and balanced lifestyles. There are challenges focused on water intake and nutrition as well. Our employees can participate in other ways aside from a walking challenge.

Privacy First

Your members' privacy is protected from start to finish. We protect data, comprehensively delete data upon completion, and are compliant with privacy standards.

Fun, Healthy Motivation

Make fitness fun with pacer rabbits, virtual maps, social features, informative milestones, and engaging mobile apps that are simple for all ages, devices, and technical abilities.

Fun, Healthy Motivation

Make fitness fun with pacer rabbits, virtual maps, social features, informative milestones, and engaging mobile apps that are simple for all ages, devices, and technical abilities.

Include Everyone

Walker Tracker's activity converter, device syncing, and end-user support ensure that everyone can join the challenge regardless of age, ability level, body type, or fitness level.

Without Walker Tracker, we wouldn’t have had the connection with our members that led to so much progress. It gave us a huge connection piece that we would not have had.

When Taylor (CEO) called to work with Walker Tracker, we knew hit the jackpot.

Maura Caffrey

RN, Surgical Oncology, UC San Diego Health System

As a new community coalition, we did not have the financial means nor staff resources to develop our own app. We chose Walker Tracker, as it was a turn-key platform that met all of our needs for the challenge we wanted to host for our community. We stayed with Walker Tracker for our second year due to how easy it was for us to manage our campaign and the phenomenal support we received from the Walker Tracker team.

Jennifer Harris

Community Health Promotions Director, Healthy St Lucie Coalition

At first, I hated walking. I used to think I was getting a good step count with my daily walking, but Walker Tracker showed me I wasn’t. It motivated me to go farther. This changed my whole life and my whole perspective. In a year, I’ve lost 100 pounds.

Susan Staten

Authorization Specialist / PETCT Coordinator, UC San Diego Health System

The Walker Tracker Difference: Activity and Wellness Challenges

Walker Tracker is more than just a step challenge platform. Our innovative Activity Converter converts hundreds of activities into steps – including wheelchair mobility and rock climbing, allowing everyone of all ability levels and body types to participate in a challenge. It even allows people without a device to enter their activity manually.

Our Wellness Suite lets members track several wellness elements like sleep, mood, diet, water intake, heart rate, mindfulness minutes, and more. Wellness tracking helps members to stay well by spotting symptoms and providing a full picture of their physical and mental well-being.

Walker Tracker also provides you with communication tools like surveys, post-challenge questionnaires, custom emails, in-app messages, push notifications and more. Plus, Walker Tracker’s appealing virtual maps are based on real world locations. Proven to be more engaging than charts, these virtual maps feature fun elements like custom pacer icons, milestone markers, and more.

Healthy Kingsport Logo with subtext - Wellness - Infrastructure - Policy

Driving engagement & healthy activity among health insurance organizations and pertners

Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation & Walker Tracker

An Industrywide Fundraising Challenge

An international exercise challenge to promote socially-distanced fitness & wellness and embracing friendly competition – all while raising vital funds for children and communities at risk. The Step Up Challenge included board members, companies, families, friends, colleagues, clients, IICF volunteers, and supporters across the globe.

Start your own step challenge

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We look forward to creating a challenge that builds workforce health & happiness!