When Walker Tracker launched Wellness Challenges in 2018, we had two goals: to provide a more complete picture of wellbeing for each individual, and to provide a consistent model for engagement in their health journeys.

Our research and experience has shown that mental health is a high priority among employers. As a result, employers are investing in mental health benefits and telemedicine. Adapting to this need, Walker Tracker introduced a mindfulness tracking feature and recently launched a mindfulness-themed challenge: Mindful Mindset. Read on to learn more about why wellness challenges matter and get ready for Mindful Mindset

What is a wellness challenge?

We focus on the whole person by activating easy-to-measure metrics: mindfulness, mood, sleep, hydration, nutrition, heart rate, weight, and movement. Wellness Challenges award points for taking daily measurements of the selected metrics. Each Wellness Challenge is configured to track three metrics, award for reflection (posting photos and journal entries), and provide pop-up questions related to the challenge wellbeing theme which members can answer for additional points.

Walker Tracker offers mindfulness challenges to create awareness around healthy and balanced lifestyles. There are challenges focused on water intake and nutrition as well. Our employees can participate in other ways aside from a walking challenge.

Britta Trepp

WellU Wellness Program Manager, University of Utah

How does it work?

Members receive points for movement and logging their wellness metrics daily. These points count towards your 6-week challenge – gamifying progress on a leaderboard. The content of member wellness entries are completely private – only they can see what they’ve entered. As an admin, access point reports to reward members for participation, engagement, consistency, and meeting the challenge goal.

Best practices:

  • Reward for “reflection” in your challenge – Reflection Points are awarded for social participation on the app, like posting a journal entry with a photo. These actions are proven to engage and connect employees during the challenge.
  • Opt in to “questions” – our automated pop-up Questions further educate and engage employees in their wellness journey during the challenge.
  • Clearly communicate the goals! Use Walker Tracker’s pre-built collateral and marketing materials to ensure maximum participation and include as many people as possible.

NEW Wellness Challenge 

Mindful Mindset is a brand new challenge that helps create awareness around a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Easily track mood and mindfulness sessions, incorporate your activity, and reflect on your progress, all while earning points. 

Here’s the step-by-step guide to your challenge:

What are Mindfulness Sessions?

Mindfulness sessions can be anything that calms you and lets you refocus. Here are some examples: 

  • Counting to 10 slowly
  • Imagining a flowing stream/mountain
  • Gazing out a window
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Picking out sounds or using touch of different textures

Find what you like best and have it be your go to, but don’t hesitate to branch out and count the new buds on a single stem this Spring.

Tune into your Mood

Your next step in the Mindful Mindset challenge is to tune into your Mood. 

Our mood range is a daily check in on how you’re feeling.  Enter what you feel in the moment. Try to pick a specific time of day you record your mood, such as during your lunch break or right before powering off your computer.

Movement Counts too!

All of our wellness challenges incorporate movement. A wellness program that is inclusive to all abilities and preferences for movement will be received and adopted more easily. While the system logs ‘steps’ from devices or apps, administrators also have the option to turn on more than 60 movement activities that can be converted into steps to count for the movement portion of the daily points goal.

Click here for our Activity Converter Guide.

Reflect on your Mindful Mindset practice

Self-reflection is a powerful part of our wellbeing strategy that helps you nurture your wellbeing and learn from your current state of mind. You may discover paths you hadn’t realized or find opportunities that you have yet to pursue. If I find a mindfulness session that works well for me, I like to jot that down along with something or someone that I’m grateful for. These can be as short as a single word or as long as a paragraph or two. The goal is to spend a moment thinking about YOU.

Each day you have the option to enter a journal passage and upload a photo through the website or app, earning points towards your mindful mindset goal.

As a bonus, we’ve added an optional feature for admins that prompts members with pop-up questions focused on health and wellness throughout the challenge. Members will earn additional points by answering these weekly educational prompts and the questions will drive participation by nudging members to use your program. It’s all about participation, diligence, and awareness!

Ready to Branch into wellness? 

If you’re a customer of Walker Tracker reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set up your Mindful Mindset challenge this Spring. 

Not moving with us yet? Read about our corporate wellness solutions and Contact sales@walkertracker.com to learn more. 


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