In a time unlike any other in recent memory, in the wellness space we face an extraordinary task. Among communicating critical updates, calming increasing anxieties, and maintaining day-to-day stability, a lot is being asked of our human resource teams.

As meetings are cancelled, offices are closed, and workforces go remote, wellness and human resource leaders are leaning on technology to keep teams connected.

The news cycle is full of anxiety-inducing stimuli and market conditions strain our mental health. It is critical that we, as an industry, show concern and care for the mental health of our employees, team members, and customers. 

Remote working conditions can make it more difficult to stay healthy. Wellness at home is a broad topic, and more than ever, it is intersecting with the workplace wellness programs with which we are so familiar. In this time, many of us are being asked to adapt our wellness strategies to accommodate this rapid shift to remote working conditions.

As this unfolds, our inboxes are filling with information related to the crisis. Every organization is making crucial updates and working hard to notify their members. While this is important, the amount of communication can overwhelm recipients. This leaves a challenge for leadership to creatively communicate with those that need it most.

Being sensitive to this, we at Walker Tracker are working with our members to create solutions to these unique issues. We are working our hardest to provide a resource for mental health, team communications, safe activity, and clear communications during this challenging time. To our readers in leadership, human resources, and wellness, we appreciate the challenges that you face and are grateful for your partnership.

In wellness + support,

Taylor Welsh

CEO, Walker Tracker


P.S.  Please wash your hands 🙂