(Note: This post is by our Wellness Advocate Taylor Welsh – thanks for blogging, Taylor!)

Hello walkers!

So I was sitting in our new office wondering what to write for a blog post, whats new with Walker Tracker? Well…

Oh yes! We should announce the new home of Walker Tracker.   The office is an odd triangle shaped room at one end of a small building.  Windows line the walls which over look the bustling of Hollywood district in Portland.

This office is perfect for us.  The room is long and narrow, perfect for Ben to satisfy his need to pace while on the phone and the wood floors allow for ideal rolling conditions to power roll your chair across the room when need be.  We are lucky to live in such a walkable/bikeable city.   We even have an entire website dedicated to those who commute by bike: http://bikecommutechallenge.com/

Whats your city like?  Are you able to get extra steps in by walking places?  If not, what are some creative ways you have come up with to get extra steps and exercise in?  Let us know!

On another note, lets talk about your office!  If it’s is not conducive to your walking needs, here are some ideas to get more steps in daily:

  • Instead of emailing a co-worker, get up and walk to their desk and deliver the information by hand.
  • Get up at least once an hour to take a lap around the office or up and down the stairs once, this will really add up at the end of the day!
  • Use your lunch break to get a walk in, even if its only 10 or 15 minutes that can add up to an hour at the end of the week.
  • Taking a bathroom break or headed to the break room for a cup of coffee?  Take the longest route.

Keep on steppin’!

(Addendum from Ben – recently the Portland Children’s Parade went by our office – below is a photo as they set up. Conference calls that day were accompanied by the uplifting sounds of non-stop marching bands!)Walker Tracker HQ