Last week, the Portland Business Journal hosted the Oregon’s Healthiest Employers Awards.  For the third year in a row, Walker Tracker made the list!  

Emily Tobusch, Customer Experience Manager at Walker Tracker, accepted the award on behalf of the Company.  Accompanied by Customer Success Manager, Graham Adams, both team members work directly with our customers to make their wellness programs successful!  Both team members are also on the DEI committee and direct events and trainings for the whole company.

The Healthiest Employers awards are based on an organization’s employee benefits, programs, wellness initiatives, DEI strategy and overall culture. 


Working for Walker Tracker for almost 5 years, I have always felt that we had a culture that valued employee wellbeing. It is exciting that Walker Tracker has been recognized as one of Oregon’s healthiest employers.
Emily Tobusch

Customer Experience Manager, Walker Tracker

How we did it:

Culture first.  

We’ve always been a mission-driven organization and our company culture is very unique.  We prioritize great work and getting the job done over long hours and 9-5 working schedules.  Employees are encouraged to take time for themselves, work when they work best, and bring all their ideas to the table.  This team is incredibly collaborative and always willing to lend a hand to help their team mates.  Sharing wins and aligning objectives empowers us to work together to achieve goals.  

Benefits that compete.

As a health and wellness company, we’ve always prioritized comprehensive benefits packages that can go head to head with organizations 10 times our size.   If we cover most the health needs that an individual has, it allows our team to focus on performance and growth.  What was offered: health care, dental, vision, FSA and family coverage.

Wellness initiatives.

We walk the walk and talk the talk.  Using our own software is key, not only to testing new features and product launches, but to keeping us all motivated towards our health and wellness goals.  Walker Tracker tracks physical activity (steps/movement synced over from a fitness device or app, other activities converted from minutes to steps), water intake, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, mood, weight, and resting heart rate.   

People over everything.

This means exactly what is written.  We’ve always valued our team members’ health and mental wellbeing/happiness over anything else.  Everyone should have a sense of forward progression, autonomy to excel in their roles and make decisions based on their expertise, as well as take time and space when they need. 

It was wonderful to see people in person again! It was great to learn more about what local companies are doing in our field!
Graham Adams

Customer Success Manager, Walker Tracker

We’re honored to accept this last Healthiest Employers Award for Walker Tracker.  As we team up with Terryberry (who acquired Walker Tracker in April 2022), we’re excited about the future and what these two companies can bring together for both our employees and customers.