Of course – the best solution for running a wellness program with your organization is to get a Walker Tracker Private Level.

However, it’s certainly possible to run a successful walking program for your organization using the Walker Tracker community site.

Here are a few tips if you wish to do so:

  • Register yourself first
  • On the lower right hand column there’s a box that says ‘invite a friend to Walker Tracker
  • Go there and copy the ‘invite link’. Use that link to invite everyone in your organization. That way you’ll be able to see who signs up and when via the ‘View your invitees‘ page

This will allow you to corral and track signups that are part of your organization.

Once everyone is signed up, remember that:

  • You can create private groups (you’ll need to invite all those users to this group)
  • You can create private competitions. Note that you can create a competition as private – play around with it to get it just as you want it – and then make it public.
There are other corporations/organizations using the Walker Tracker community site for their wellness programs, so if you seek further help – don’t hesitate to post a question in the forums.

If later you decide you need the extra privacy, administrative controls, branding and statistics that a private level affords, no worries! We can help migrate your users to your own program.