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Does open enrollment have you down? Confused? We had a similar experience and used our own software to help remedy the situation. Here’s what we can share!

Open enrollment got you down?

Benefits Engagement and Digital Wellness Converge

Employees have put in an especially impressive amount of work this year, so it’s important to take care of them. With open enrollment season upon us, here are some ways you can use wellness software to educate employees about this years’ benefits options.

As the workforce is becoming increasingly disperse, wellness programs span beyond employee health – they are one of the key ways that we stay connected to the people that comprise our companies. Of course, there’s also the enduring benefit that healthier people make for happier staff and more engaged colleagues. Wellness engagement is more important than ever.

Despite this increased importance and the hard work that HR professionals put into optimizing wellness plans, the plans are only as effective as they are understood by those participating. Here, we’ll offer 3 tips about how to use your digital wellness platform to drive engagement in wellness plans while also educating about the full extent of benefits covered – on and off the digital platform.

Benefit plans comparison and open enrollment is a challenge every year. It’s tedious, time consuming and might as well be written in another language. If I’m experiencing this much of a hurdle – how can I expect my employees to be able to navigate the system and understand how to use it?

Taylor Welsh

CEO, Walker Tracker

Digital Wellness – Your Benefits Sidekick

1 – Use Step Challenges to Incrementally Educate about Complicated Subjects

Often times, employees are given large packets the size of books (digitally or printed) as the only means of learning about benefits. In today’s world, there are a myriad of factors competing for our attention. It’s hard to capture and keep employee attention to educate on subjects, even those that can impact a person’s livelihood and family.

Activity challenges, however, are a fun way that people can socialize, check in regularly over a set time period, and take in information from milestones, notices, and team communications in a contextually defined environment.

Consider using a custom map with milestones set up for each pillar of your company’s benefits strategy.

2 – Use Themes to Focus on Specifics

Digital wellness tools often have themed plans.

Here at Walker Tracker, we have themed challenges in our library around heart health, mindfulness, and movement. Consider a year-long schedule that has a dedicated multi-week event around each component of health. Be sure to include information about how participants can leverage your benefits plan to optimize health in that particular concept.

This way, the education is ongoing, actionable, and placed in a context where the employee is focused on that exact element of health.

3 – Use Wellness Tools as a Communication Channel

Context is communication. If you’re looking to connect, place key information where people are already looking.

Are your colleagues expected to check into a wellness tool in order to unlock incentives? If so, that’s where their attention is when it comes to wellness. This is a great opportunity to offer simple, interactive surveys about where additional benefits can be found.

Does your step challenge platform offer notices and push notifications? (Hint: If you’re using Walker Tracker, the answer is ‘yes!’). Use notifications here to remind folks about options, deadlines, and additional offers.

Don’t forget: Communication is a two-way street. Use engagement in your wellness software as an indicator of overall engagement.

If certain members aren’t active in an easy-to-use team-building app, it’s unlikely that they’re actively engaging in multi-page text packets about complicated wellness benefits.

Use your end-of-challenge reporting tools to listen to your members and stay ahead of disengagement that can result in withdrawal from your benefits program and, ultimately, your organization.

“This is how we do it” at Walker Tracker

Here at Walker Tracker, we’re running a challenge through the holidays that encourages participants to get active, learn about company history, and engage in incentives.

We started by making a custom map with a milestone dedicated to each and every office that we’d ever occupied. Then, as the team went remote, we added milestones for the locations of all of our employees across every USA time zone.

Then, communications through the challenge also contained “Easter Eggs” about how additional prizes could be won. This drove engagement across all of Walker Tracker’s internal communications while also creating a collaborative game around finding and sharing ways to earn gift cards.

Last, these incentives are delivered via our incentives partner, Tremendous, to encourage engagement in our future programs as well as educate the team about how to position Tremendous to clients (you).

WT Office


Don’t let the time and attention that you put into open enrollment get lost in translation to your time- and attention-constrained colleagues. 

These days, everyone is more engaged in their digital wellness tools than ever before – so lean into it! People expect wellness information where modern wellness is happening. By adding this to your toolkit, it’ll make for a happier, healthier, and more engaged team.

Make this happen at your organization

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