We love to hear from you walkers about ways to improve Walker Tracker.   This suggestion just couldn’t be ignored, so I thought I’d share!

“The activity converter on the Walking Tracker site is good but I have found it leaves out a few activities. I am proposing some alternate activities and conversions that may allow me to scoot to the front of the pack…”

Activity     Steps Awarded

Running late    1000 steps

Watching a reality show that involves a lot of physical activity (i.e. Swamp People, Gold Rush, Storage Wars, etc.)    1400/ full episode

Running on empty    900

Paying bills    200 steps

Paying bills when you’ve run out of money    2000 steps

Running a bath    1600

Changing a runny diaper    400/ minute

Bailing a friend out of jail    600

Breaking a fried out of jail     6000

Using a run-on sentence     1200

Searching for a parking space at Fat Burger     300/ lap

Runny nose     1550

Getting the run-around    1300

Drinking a beer at the bar    400

Running into an old friend while drinking a beer at the bar    1900

Running a lab test on a sample     6000