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You have a busy day ahead of you. Whether it’s a long day of classes with essays stacking up or you’re overwhelmed at work, your to-do list seems to be bursting at the seams. To make time for it all, you skip lunch or skip your workouts. It’s a common thought that forcing yourself to complete your tasks (like staying up all night to study or staying late at work) will pay off in the end. But what happens when you become so overwhelmed that these tasks begin to affect your health?

Self-care is simply practicing personal healthy habits that are crucial to your body’s functioning. Self-care practices can be different for everyone, but their benefits have been shown to support focus, mood, and even stress relief (to name a few!).

Three signs that you need to practice self-care

When your abilities become worn, your skills aren’t as sharp. Here’s what to look out for:
1. Burnout. With the busy lives that we lead, we are all looking for the best way to get more energy. When you were younger, you woke up full of vibrant energy. Now, after a full day at school or work, you feel just as tired as the morning.
2. Stress. Some stress can be beneficial; it can provide us with the motivational boost we need to get the job done. But when stress becomes excess stress, it can lead to poor quality of sleep, muscle tension, headaches, or over/under eating when it’s not properly managed.
3. Focus. Your to-do list seems to be growing faster than you can complete the tasks on it. When you become overwhelmed, it is hard for you to focus on one thing while your brain is working faster than your hands can.

A few tips to help get you back on track

Turning to adaptogens may do the trick! The word adaptogen in herbal medicine refers to an herb or plant extract that helps the body adapt to stress and fatigue. Two major players in the adaptogen game are Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda, which have been shown in numerous studies to help with stress relief, healthy brain function, and an overall good mood.

You may also want to turn to pampering yourself! Besides using your favorite face mask, essential oil, or lotion, a Charcoal Toothpolish may be a great addition to your self-care and beauty routine. Not only does charcoal help to whiten your teeth, but other natural ingredients like coconut, cinnamon, and spearmint will leave your gums and mouth clean and your breath nice and fresh.

When you’re overworked, stressed, and disorganized, you are less productive. Take breaks at work or school to decompress – grab a healthy snack, take a walk, read a book! Smart self-care habits like eating healthy and practicing meditation can really help your stress management and can lead to increased energy and productivity levels. You cannot be physically healthy if you aren’t mentally healthy first. Care for both your physical and mental health by eating healthy, making sure to get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly.

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