Walker Tracker sub-processors

Walker Tracker uses sub-processors in order to deliver our services, and Provider ascertains that sub-processors conform to all applicable privacy and security laws. Please contact us at privacy@walkertracker.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Mailgun – mailgun.com
112 E Pecan St #1135
San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

Mailgun is a transactional email provider. We use Mailgun in order to send challenge invite emails, password-reset emails (but not passwords), and weekly walking stats. In order to perform this duty, Mailgun will have access to a member’s email address. Mailgun does not share personalized data with any other party.
Mailgun’s privacy policy & security statement: https://www.mailgun.com/privacy-policy/
Mailgun’s GDPR compliance statement: https://www.mailgun.com/gdpr/

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – aws.amazon.com
440 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Oregon, USA

AWS is the largest and most sophisticated host of web infrastructure in the world. We use AWS RDS databases to store customer information using encryption-at-rest, and a variety of other AWS services in order to secure and protect and process client data. AWS does not share the data we host on their system with any other party.
AWS Security: https://aws.amazon.com/security/
AWS Privacy policy: https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/

HumanAPI – humanapi.co
1825 S Grant St.
Suite #450
San Mateo, CA 94402, USA

HumanAPI is a data aggregator for step-tracking devices.
HumanAPI is used by members to connect their step-tracking device (using anonymized credentials over Oauth) to Walker Tracker. Because we use anonymized credentials, HumanAPI has access to step data (though no location data), but cannot associate that data with any personalized information. HumanAPI does not share personalized data with any other party.
Security: https://www.humanapi.co/security
Privacy: https://www.humanapi.co/privacy-policy

Created: 2020-07-10