We have some incredibly creative folks on our Walker Tracker teams. In gathering together a list, it came to me that the only way to let each one shine was in a Mad Lib (you know, that game you played as a kid – on paper, before computers and Angry Birds). All team names are bolded.  Enjoy!


It’s no Victorious Secret that we Will Walk for Steps (or, for that matter, Will Walk For Coffee). From Happy Hour Hikers to Butt Strutters, we’re all here for the same reason – Miles for Smiles! Because walking makes us healthier and happier people.

You may think you’re Tougher Than Squirrels, but it really is a challenge to get 10,000 steps in every day!   Don’t be the Sole Survivors, encourage others to join in the motion and Walk It Like It’s Hot.   Whether you’re Speedy Sloths or Total Borons, the Worst Pace Scenario is you’ll be healthier by adding more activity into your life.

Walker Tracker invites you all to catch the Walking Fever and start by Taking a Simple Walk To Mordor. The Walking Gamers are on to something – make it fun and cut Footloose.

If you ever find yourself BETWEEN A WALK AND A HARD PLACE, and you’re not quite feeling like the Lean Green Walking Machine, start slow, just like The Creepy Crawlers. You’ve got to start somewhere so why not here? Why not now? Does a Bear Walk in the Woods?

By now you’re probably sick of me Walking on Eggshells and want to get to the point. So here it is: find your Sole Mates (whether a human, dog, or your favorite tennis shoes), and Step In The Name Of Love.

After all, aren’t we all hoping for World Peace, Love & Organic Brown Rice? So, Let’s Get Physical. Unite all you Walkaholics and RESTLESS SOLES. DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WALK!

I wish you all Happy Feet and a Buen Camino. Don’t Fear The Walking Alive – join em!



TeamworkA list of close calls:

Cats and Bacon

Kittens! With Amber Mittens!

Bacon! A Miniature Poodle

The Big Meoski

Hazardous Waist Removal

Coconut Oil Moves Like Jagger

The Sashay Patrol

Christopher Walken’s

Light-footed larks

Game Over Dude

(OGSP) Overlord Galactic Space Pirates


The She-Yetis

Cheddar Biscuit Twins

Holy Walkamole

Happy Huffers

Bananas For Budgets

Deep Fried Zucchini

We’ll beet you again, artichokes aside.

We’ve got the runs!

Agony of de feet