The IICF Step Up Challenge and fundraiser just concluded with some great results. Read on for three key takeaways!

  1. Step Challenges are great standalone fundraisers or philanthropic tools
  2. Walker Tracker’s activity converter enables more people and more types of activity – over 75% of respondents cited using the activity converter 
  3. Multiple separate companies can come together under one challenge with the right admin tools

Step Challenges for Fundraisers

With hundreds of virtual events under our belt, we’ve seen more organizations turn to Walker Tracker to help with fundraising efforts.

IICF used Walker Tracker to invite dozens of participating sponsor companies, spread word about fundraiser sponsors, link participants directly to donation options, and drive donations through these very survey responses.

All the while, members rated the experience a 9.1/10!

Getting 3 full teams involved from my company for the first time – they loved it, and we had a bit of an internal competition going which was really good fun!

Marketing Manager

Insurance Software Company & Fundraiser Member

Convert Activities to Steps – for the Win!

When asked about what features were used during the challenge, over 75% of respondents said that they used the activity converter.

The activity converter is the best way to run an inclusive challenge that includes all mobility types and ability levels. It also lets people convert their preferred activity type. This way, your challenge won’t overly prefer your runners in an office full of kayakers and wheelchair racers.

Looking for step challenge software that comes with an activity converter? We have you covered. Get in touch to learn more.

Managing Groups of Groups

Walker Tracker’s team features and admin tools allowed IICF to bring together dozens of separate companies under one umbrella. 

From an administrative standpoint, this includes more people and amplifies the ability to raise funds.

From a participation perspective, the camaraderie of team challenges combined with fun leaderboards are a proven method to drive more healthy results. We’ve written about and are big proponents of the synergistic effects of competition mixed with collaboration. (The short answer is that competition + collaboration drives better engagement than either element on their own).


We’re happy to have done this challenge and look forward to helping IICF and many more nonprofits engage members, drive healthy behaviors, and raise crucial funds in the future!

Walker Tracker for Your Fundraiser

Get in touch with our sales team to learn how Walker Tracker would look within your specific fundraiser. We’ve worked with in person events & digital events for multinational enterprises & local offices alike.