Step Challenges make for a happier, healthier workplaces. Done right, they can be a critical tool for your corporate wellness program. In addition, step challenges address the key concerns for remote teams: Loneliness, “switching on/off” from the home office environment, accountability, and natural social overlap.

Step Challenges for All

Walker Tracker includes fun leaderboards, integrates with any device, and personalizes for all ability levels & body types. Step and wellness challenges will delight your whole team!

Simple Setup, Proven Results

Walker Tracker’s step challenges are so engaging that they drive proven year-round results. Set up your challenge in minutes, enroll your staff within seconds. See for yourself with reporting that comes standard, including engagement, activity, and more.

Increase Engagement, Reduce Turnover

Multiple accredited studies show walking challenges bring people together and kickstart healthy habits so much that it produces ROI! Complete the form to further improve wellness, reduce healthcare costs, and earn discounts / rebates from providers.