Summer is in full swing and it’s only going to get hotter out there. It can be difficult to remember to drink enough water while enjoying the great outdoors and having fun in the sun.

Keep your organization cool and healthy through the summer heat by adding a 30-Day Hydration Challenge to your program!

Hydration ChallengeWalker Tracker makes it easy to track and monitor progress. The hydration wellness metric is a current feature for most programs.* Your users can start tracking today and view their progress throughout the challenge!

You can incentivize tracking with an end of challenge raffle or offer rewards for users who post a photo of how they are staying cool this summer. User data is private, but Program Admins can see the number of entries a participant makes.

So, keep those glasses full this summer with a 30-Day Hydration Challenge! If you’re the Program Admin, talk to your Customer Success Manager for details.

* Water intake tracking is available to most Walker Tracker portals except for Turnkey Activity Programs. In order for a Turnkey Activity Program to run a hydration challenge, a Wellness Upgrade purchase is required. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for more details.