Walker Tracker is often contacted by HR and Benefits professionals looking for a solution to get their employees up and moving. Many times, once they find a solution, the next step is getting approval for the purchase from those higher up the ladder.

walking-program Here are some tips we have found that can help you convince your boss to invest in an activity program:

1. Investing in employee health is a smart investment

It is not uncommon for those controlling the purse strings to ask about ROI. It is very hard to calculate the return on investment for a specific program, but a variety of studies have found that for every dollar a company invests in their wellness program, they see a $3 to $5 return in lower health care cost, lower absentee cost, and increased productivity. One example is this study by Harvard Business Review.

2. Healthy employees are more productive

We all know that employees who are healthy miss less work. It’s also pretty intuitive to recognize that employees who are healthy feel better and are more productive while at work. For a profession that generally involves an employee to be sedentary during the day, encouraging those employees to be active periodically while at work has been shown to increase productivity. This might not be intuitive at first. If an employee needs to be at a computer to do their job, how is encouraging them to get up and walk around going to increase their productivity? Getting up and moving periodically throughout the day gets your blood flowing and fires up your brain, helping you to stay focused throughout the day. An added bonus to moving throughout the day is that walking can also boost creativity! Check out our blog post on walking to your next big idea.

3. Highlight team building

Not only are walking and wellness challenges great to encourage employees to think about their health and wellness, but they often serve as a great team building exercise! Team step challenges encourage employees to work together to get reach a goal, and location-versus-location challenges help bring all employees at a location together. Using a platform that has social features, such as photo sharing, discussion boards, friending, and commenting, gives your employees an opportunity to interact with coworkers they might not otherwise.

4. You might be able to get some help paying for it!

Often times your health insurance plan will come with some wellness dollars to help fund employee wellness in the workplace. Platforms such as Walker Tracker are usually an eligible purchase for use of these funds. Contact the rep at your health insurance plan to see if you have wellness dollars!

Want more details about starting a program with Walker Tracker that you can sell to your boss? Contact our sales team for more details.