Global Running Day is June 6th. Walker Tracker wants you to celebrate with us by getting out for a run or participating in an activity you love most. To help you keep active on June 6th and for the entire month of June, we’re inviting you to join our Run the World Challenge.

Join the Challenge – Run the World

Registration is now open for the Run the World Activity Challenge. This challenge starts June 1st.  This challenge is a virtual run around the globe. As you move along the map route you’ll collect milestone markers which will share running tips and fun facts about many of the major marathon destinations. Who knows, it may encourage, you to run your own marathon or you can live vicariously through other runners you learn about during the challenge.

How to Join the Challenge

•  It’s free to register and participate in the challenge.
•  Register at
•  You’ll be added to the challenge after you complete your registration on the community site.

Your daily goal during the Run the World Challenge will be 6,000 steps (Yes, you can convert activities into steps). Three participants who meet the daily step goal for all 30 days of the challenge will be entered in a raffle to win Walker Tracker swag!

Happy Global Running Day!

We hope you join us for the Run the World Challenge. Be sure to get out and be active on June 6th for Global Running Day.