ResolutionsIt’s that time of year. Many of us resolve to change some lingering bad behavior and set Jan 1 as the date we’ll do it….cold turkey. As of today, 35% of us have already broken the promise we made to ourselves. Of course, this statistic doesn’t even consider the other half, who never bother to try in the first place.

“That which is measured, improves”. Pearson’s Law has always been an unofficial ‘tag line’ of Walker Tracker. While this concept may not work for slumping batters or the national debt, it tends to work pretty well on waistlines.  Try starting this year by choosing a health metric you’d like to improve, then measure and record it daily.

The Walker Tracker journal and custom metrics are great ways to do this, and it can be completely private. Over time, you’ll find that journaling allows you to draw strength from previous successes and learn from the times it was really tough.