You’ve done all the planning and set up, and now it’s time to invite your members to join your wellness program. You know they will enjoy it, but how will you get your members excited for the program?

Program Inspiration

Make your pitch quickly!
People are busy, they don’t have time to read a long, detailed email. Being clear and concise in your message is key. When inviting your members to join your Walker Tracker program highlight that registration only takes a minute or less and connecting a device or app another minute or two. All they need to do is be active to participate in the challenge!

Challenge and Encourage
Many people can feel uncomfortable with starting a fitness-related activity, especially when others are more active. Here again, is where you will need effective messaging. Try to emphasize that your program is a “challenge,” and not so much a competition. This is an opportunity for folks to challenge themselves, improve on their terms, and receive recognition for their efforts, no matter where they are starting from.

Enlist Wellness Ambassadors
Create a wellness committee with representatives from different departments or groups. Delegate some of the outreach to committee members or your organization’s most active members who can give your members a more personalized invitation.

Host a Kick-Off Event
You can consider holding an on-site event to allow folks to register on a laptop, tablet, or their phones. Try to see if you can add to an already planned organization event to coincide with your program launch. Why not organize a pop-up walk to get people started right away? Even better if you can get higher administration support and involvement.

Positive Reinforcement
Celebrate success of all kinds! In the beginning, congratulate those who decided to join the wellness program and keep encouraging them. Give a shout out to members who are making an exemplary effort, whether it’s the most improved this week or the team with the highest member participation. Thank members for sharing inspirational photos or journal entries. They may already know they are doing a good job, but it feels great to be acknowledged.

Use Our Resources
Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. Ask your Customer Success Manager or Mentor for posters, email templates, guides, and advice to help make your program a success!

How do you get your participants excited and motivated? Let us know what you do to inspire your members to be healthy and have fun. Please comment below or share this article with your friends and co-workers.