Blanca (Customer Success Team) and Angela (OHSU) pose after a successful step challenge.

Angela from OHSU and Blanca, our VP of Customer Success

Our clients large and small all have the same goal; to run a successful wellness initiative where engagement is high, and people are left asking, “When are we going to do that again?” One of our customer admins, Angela for OHSU, ran just that type of program and she was gracious enough to share her tips with me.

“Don’t do it alone!”

Angela could not stress enough how grateful she was to have a wellness committee that helped with everything from coming up with a clever scavenger hunt idea, to prize distribution and communications. During their program, they ran weekly photo scavenger hunts and had members post their pictures to their Walker Tracker accounts. They also coordinated one nature hike and one urban hike during their program, so they could get together, get steps, and find the scavenger hunt pictures for that week. Adding these opportunities to get together was important since the majority of them work from home and don’t get to see each other very often. “A lot of them used to work in an office together, so this was a great way for all of us to get together again!”

“Walker Tracker was really easy to use!”

In Angela’s group, the average age was around 47 and she couldn’t recall anyone coming to her with an issue using the web or mobile app with Walker Tracker; which is awesome! She also mentioned how easy communications were. “There were plenty of useful tools and materials. There were email templates to use and Walker Tracker’s built-in email tool made it easy for me to reach out to people and specific groups.” She also complimented our reports, “… and that’s coming from someone who sees a lot of reports! I have some high standards.”

“Get management involved.”

Building wellness into your group’s day starts with management. If your manager is encouraging you to step away from your desk and take a break, you’re more likely to take them up on that suggestion! Angela mentioned that they started doing walking meetings to help get their steps in and stay productive. It’s been proven that getting up and moving helps stimulate your brain. You’re more likely to come up with fresh ideas and increase your productivity. “It didn’t matter if the manager was or wasn’t participating in the challenge. We encouraged all of them to support their team in getting active and making it a part of their day.”

The moral of this blog post?

Get as many people involved in the planning and executing of your program as you can, from management to employees, and use Walker Tracker’s tools to make managing a breeze! Angela did an excellent job administering her program and by using Walker Tracker she gave her members a great place to bring them together in the name of wellness.

Thank you so much, Angela, for sharing your tips with us!

Do you have any tips or strategies that worked for your program? Be sure to share them below. We love to hear how you keep your members engaged!