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Map-based, themed challenges

Our one-of-a-kind map-based challenges allow you to drive employee engagement while delivering compelling content and inspiring competition. Whether you’re traveling the Nile, taking a ‘heart-health’ tour of the Mediterranean, or touring your own corporate facilities, our map-based step challenges are successful at delivering a premium wellness experience.

Map-based, themed challenges
Map-based, themed challenges

Highly-rated mobile apps

Your employees can register, track, engage, and enjoy Walker Tracker exclusively from their iOS or Android phones. Plus, we connect with Apple Health or Google Fit directly on the phone. With over FIFTEEN THOUSAND five-star reviews, members love the Walker Tracker app!

Sync with a ton of devices

Whether your company provides devices or it’s bring-your-own, we’ve got you covered.

Map-based, themed challenges
Map-based, themed challenges

Teams & Organizations

Whether you’re looking to build camaraderie or better organize your groups, teams are the perfect fit. We offer a plethora of tools for building teams. Want to organize those teams into multiple hierarchies? Our segmentation feature allows you the flexibility to match your organization’s hierarchy on Walker Tracker. (Read blog post: Funniest team names of 2021)

Social Engagement

“You’re as fit as your friends” Walker Tracker uses social features to boost participation and engagement. Such as member created challenges, team and challenge discussions, and journal style commenting. Social engagement has shown to be deeply motivating to the wellness experience.

Map-based, themed challenges
Map-based, themed challenges


All your data in one place. Want insights into your long-term trajectory or realtime status? You got it.

Administration – we made this for you

You’re a hero, and it’s our job to support your journey and your organization’s success. Whether it’s easy setup and administration of your challenge platform, expert content and communications, delivery of insightful results, or analysis for incentives and rewards, this platform was made for you.

Map-based, themed challenges

We do a lot more…

  SSO integration

  TV Leaderboard for your conference or office building

  API for pulling data into your applications

  Help with strategizing charity integration or fundraisers


 Concierge and guided help for wellness strategies

 Custom built maps/themes for your organization

 Custom content delivery

 Security and Privacy focused