Feature Matrix

All FeaturesTurnkeyEnterprise
Activity converter – (toggle, curate options)XX
Add journal entry with photosXX
Admin: “More info” button (to promote company initiatives)X
Admin: API AccessX
Admin: Bulk register members (Pre register?)X
Admin: Custom landing pageX
Admin: Communications bookXX
Admin: Custom Notices on web and mobile app (push notifications)XX
Admin: Custom Registration FieldX
Admin: Custom subdomain URLXX
Admin: Custom welcome messageX
Admin: Customer (Admin) KnowledgebaseXX
Admin: Dedicated Customer Success Manager (concierge)X
Admin: Delegate Admin RolesX
Admin: Device discount from partners/bulk orders/vouchersXX
Admin: Device purchase built into employer platformXX
Communications Suite: Email (ability to send emails within WT)XX
Communications Suite: Email scheduling X
Admin: Interactive Onboarding webinarXX
Admin: Post-challenge questionnaireX
Admin: Registration: “Approved” eligibility checksX
Admin: Reporting (In-depth, enterprise)X
Admin: Reporting (Simple, turnkey)XX
Admin: Survey members/add questionsX
Allow manual entryXX
Communications Suite: Automated emails XX
Engagement: Badge RewardsX
Challenges: Custom maps$X
Challenges: Maps / Themed challengesXX
Challenges: Point-based$X
Challenges: Promotional content – poster, banner, emails for themed challengesXX
Challenges: Single vs Multiple featuredX
Challenges: User-Created XX
Challenges: Custom Pacer$X
Compare steps with other users (friends)XX
Discussion boards within private siteXX
End-user supportXX
Individual member registration XX
Mobile & Wearable device integrationXX
Manual Step EntryXX
Native (iOS & Android) AppsXX
Organizations, group by location, department etc. X
Single Sign On$$
SmartTV Leaderboard Feature$$
Social feature: comment on journal entriesXX
Registration: Spouse and “+1” registrationsX
Support LibraryXX
Teams: User created teamsXX
Teams: Admin created teamsXX
Teams: Randomly generatedXX
Teams: Set size limitsXX
Wellness Challenge Library$X
Wellness logging – sleep, diet, mood, heart rate, mindfulness, weight, and more$X