Full-Featured Activity Challenges with Simple, DIY Setup.

What Makes Activate Different

Built for a new generation of wellness administrators, Activate delivers no-frills activity challenges, self-guided onboarding, tailored per-user pricing, and durations without cumbersome long-term commitments.

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Activate One Pager

Include Mobile Apps and go deeper into our features around Activate. Activate is our 

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Activate Pricing

The more users you have, the less you pay per user! View details on our affordable, graduated pricing that’s built to please small offices and long-term wellness plans alike.

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An Activate Video Demo

See Activate in action in our brief demo video.

iOS, Android, or Web

Activate is our next-generation activity-challenge platform.

Easy onboarding, beautiful and engaging challenges, social features to keep your employees engaged, and elegant reporting make this a best-in-class experience.

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Step Challenges

Walker Tracker is more than just a step challenge platform. Our innovative Activity Converter converts hundreds of activities into steps – including wheelchair mobility and rock climbing, allowing everyone of all ability levels and body types to participate in a challenge. It even allows people without a device to enter their activity manually.

Walker Tracker also provides you with communication tools like surveys, post-challenge questionnaires, custom emails, in-app messages, push notifications and more. Plus, Walker Tracker’s appealing virtual maps are based on real world locations. Proven to be more engaging than charts, these virtual maps feature fun elements like pacer icons, milestone markers, and more.

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The Stride Story

Activate is part of our “Stride” initiative

Learn about the years of development that brought us to create Activate within Stride to best serve you.

Click the image on the left for details on how we built our right-sized wellness challenges over years of service!

Start your own step challenge

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