Currently I’m wearing four pedometers  (testing, you know, wink wink). In today’s parlance, they call these nifty things ‘wearable devices’. Here’s today’s report, from an abnormally active day.

My activities:

  • One 24 minute run
  • Two ~40 minute bike rides
  • Some walking…

Pedometer readings:

  • Omron HJ-320: 7,488 (in coin pocket)
  • Fitbit One: 11,480 (in coin pocket)
  • Fitlinxx Pebble: 9,080  (worn on shoe)
  • Jawbone UP: 9,816  (worn on wrist)

Which one is right? It’s hard to know. They all have different strengths, and all of them have some difficulty with bicycling (side note: The Pebble does track bicycling, but the one I had is using an earlier firmware version).

But even when the activity is walking exclusively, these devices vary widely. The primary lesson, in my opinion, is if you’re running a corporate wellness program based around a challenge, it’s best to have everyone using the same device.