Walker Tracker was proud to partner with Moda Health for our most recent case study, Path To Wellness. The case study, released today, tells the story of how Walker Tracker has been able to support Moda Health’s wellness program. Moda Health has included step challenges in their wellness program since 2008 and joined Walker Tracker in 2017.  The case study features data demonstrating Walker Tracker’s positive impact on the Moda Health employee population, including an increase in participation and activity level, as well as employee testimonials. “Walker Tracker has been an amazing company for Moda to work with. Aside from the amazing product they have, the customer service and flexibility of their staff have made implementing the product simple and fun. It has worked so well for our own employees at Moda, we are now offering it as part of our suite of options for clients and seeing a continual uptick in participation and receive continual satisfaction with the platform.” – Mark Mitchell,  Supervisor, Population Health Operations at Moda Health Moda Logo Walker Tracker is proven to help organizations, like Moda Health, provide a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. We look forward to partnering with more organizations that wish to encourage their members to develop healthier lifestyle habits.