In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday we are taking time to appreciate the women who molded some of the employees at Walker Tracker–their mothers. We asked our moms to share healthy habits they tried to teach, the special activities they did with us as kids, and what inspires them to continue to live healthy lifestyles.

Once you see these responses, it’s obvious… we got our passion for wellness from our mamas. Who doesn’t love seeing embarrassing childhood photos? Scroll down for some photos these moms shared.

Are there any healthy activities you like to do with your kids, past or present?

Oh gosh yes. Bicycling, swimming, gardening, chatting and eating special meals. And I love walking – city walking as well as walking in paths in the woods, and also tramping through woods without paths, checking out the plants and the animal traces.Rosemary Rinder, mother to Blanca Garcia-Rinder, VP Customer Success

Nash and I love to go for walks and he thinks it’s pretty interesting when I try to do yoga at home.Ellen Nelson, Program Manager, mama of Nash Nelson

We did yoga together and worked in gardens together. Cy helped me build my blueberry raised bed out in Kings Valley a few years ago. We hiked Opal Creek.–Julie Cooper, mom of Cyan Cooper, Business Development Executive

We used to bike and go on walks on the weekends.Oristela Guidos, mom to Emily Guidos, Program Manager

We’d go on nature walks, camping on the beach, walking in our neighborhood and go on lots of bike rides.–Jeannette Moran mama to Jill Moran, Marketing Assistant

Being active is key to living a healthy life. Our favorite activities to do together are walking, indoor fetch sessions in the winter, swimming in the summer (Zoey is quite the little river otter!), and the occasional game of tug-o-war when we are feeling feisty!–Stephanie Green, VP Business Development, dog mom to Zoey

Are there any healthy habits you tried to install in your children?

Eat healthily, exercise, get enough sleep & nourish friendships.–Melissa Reglin, mother to Taylor Welsh, CEO

Eat whole organic foods, get involved with sports, music and art!!Teresa Griego, mom of Daniel Griego, Developer

Do you have any health tips you live by?

Walker Tracker is a very integral part of my life, it created a certain kind of mind-set for me around movement (I never “took a walk” just to walk before Walker Tracker) and it is a way to actually “keep track of oneself” –sort of grounding one to their embodiment-be in one’s body.Jenni Fallein, mother to Ben Parzybok, CTO and Founder

Tip 1: I love Michael Pollan’s recommendation on food: ‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’ Tip 2: Stay close to your family and friends.–Rosemary Rinder (Blanca)

Everything in moderation & quality over quantity.Ellen Nelson (Nash)

My life is one big health tip. I try to recognize space in my life. Time for meditation and relaxation.Julie Cooper (Cyan)

Make good food choices and move everyday.Jeannette Moran (Jill)

Eating vegan these days! Walk walk walk!Melissa Reglin (Taylor)

Always talkie while you walkie.Stephanie Green (Zoey)

What inspires you to get up and get moving every day?

I’m an obsessive-compulsive pedometer carrier and it inspires me to move on a regular basis. I do also love that I can get credit for my other obsessions like yoga, swimming, skiing and gardening and I try to be really prudent about what I “claim.”Jenni Fallein (Ben)

My family is a huge blessing and has always inspired me to get up and moving everyday!!Teresa Griego (Daniel)

My children (and now my grandchildren) inspire me to get up and get moving so I can try to stay ahead of them… or even just keep up!Shawna Green, mother to Stephanie Green

My family, I want to be healthy and live longer to enjoy them.Oristela Guidos (Emily)