write letterWe recently received a letter from a participant that moved us more than words can express. Colleen and her family have been through the toughest of times and we were so happy to hear that her community walking program helped cope with the stress. Not only is walking a great physical exercise but it is also a wonderful social tool (make new friends!) and keeps stress at bay. You can read Colleen’s letter below.

“Your competition played an integral role in assisting me during a very difficult phase of my life. In August 0f 2014 my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. Chemo & radiation treatments commenced and his health and recovery immediately consumed our lives.

When word spread through-out our neighborhood about my husband’s illness friends and acquaintances immediately offered their support and assistance. One of my neighbors sent me a link to your competition suggesting that a physical outlet may be helpful in dealing with the stress and in keeping my own health in good order.

I immediately seized on the opportunity to join the “DOG MOMS” team and through the support of a team of amazing women I have been able to become physically and emotionally strong enough to cope with the medical challenges that continue to be part of our lives. In fact, as the competition wore on, more and more of our neighbors (now friends) chose to join us during some of our walks and they all have been there to cheer us on.

My husband was accepted in to a 12 month trial drug program at a hospital in South Florida under the guidance of Dr. M and his research staff. Each day that we go for treatment I walk the halls between the Cancer Center and the hospital, take a lap out-side around the hospital and then climb the stairs to the 4TH floor to check on my husband’s progress.

Walking became an integral part of how I coped with his chemo, radiation & infusions and the Walker Tracker portal encouraged me every step of the way. While there are certainly other programs available, none of them combine the same ease of use, straightforward graphical reporting or ability to socially interact.

Over these past four months not only have I made wonderful new friends but even the research assistant in charge of my husband’s charting has chosen to join our “group” of walkers. Around the halls of the hospital and in the various Imaging Centers I am known as “The Walker Lady”. My own personal health has greatly improved and I am thrilled to report that my husband has begun taking a lap around the block (neighbors have chairs strategically placed should he need to rest).

I know that there must be many more stories such as mine where this portal has enabled a participant to make a significant change in their life and I am hoping that our program will reconsider their decision to close the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for any assistance that you can provide.”

– Colleen

Thank you for sharing your story Colleen. We’re always eager to hear from our fellow walkers.