Our partners at OEA Choice Trust support the health and wellness of Oregon’s public school districts through their Competitive Grant Program. The trust works with grantees to develop effective, sustainable, and engaging School Wellness programs.

By using Walker Tracker, Seaside School District created a more efficient and inclusive wellness program and culture.

Walking meetings, walking clubs, and step challenges have been staples of Seaside School District’s wellness program. Previously, employees at the district’s three school buildings ran informal step challenges that offered raffle tickets after walking around the block. While this approach garnered support at each building, it made district wide engagement, participation, and step tracking difficult for Seaside’s District Wellness Coordinator, Bob Evans. “I knew that having something like Walker Tracker, where you can do bigger group challenges and where we don’t have to track steps with pencil and paper, would be beneficial. The step counting features in Walker Tracker got us started.”

Seaside launched Walker Tracker in Oct. 2019, using district-wide email, a monthly Wellness Wednesday newsletter, and all building announcements to encourage registration. They designated a time and location for employees to receive technical assistance if needed. Seaside quadrupled participation between their first challenge, Global Cuisine, and their second challenge, Battle of the Buildings. They purchased a trophy, which would be awarded to the building with the highest percentage of employees who completed the challenge. “Until we brought Walker Tracker in, our wellness program was dormant at the high school level. We have a lot of competitive teachers at our high school,” says Evans.

Walker Tracker has become a fixture in Seaside’s wellness program. They saw their highest participation numbers during their Q4 challenge, 7 Wonders of the World. Evans points to several reasons why this pairing has been successful. “The friendly competition with employees getting to know each other has been great, and we’ve had our admins and principals on board. If wellness is promoted district wide, it gives you permission to take time and go for a walk and focus on your wellness.”