Summer is here and we have several new challenges to help spice up your program.   You’ll find a challenge focused on motivation, one to encourage your group’s runners with some fun facts and one that may even get a snicker or two out of your participants along the way. Take a closer look below and if you’re the Program Administrator let your Customer Success Manager know which challenges you would like to add to your program via the form below.


Mind-Body Kickstart Challenge
Whether you’re just getting back into your fitness routine or ready to kick things up a notch, the Fitlandia Mind-Body Kickstart Challenge will help you develop the mindset to get you there joyfully with their Mind Zoning® Meditations included with this 30-day challenge. Take 7,000 steps per day, watch the videos, listen to a daily Mind Zoning and go the distance with a sugar detox in the last few days!

Fitlandia is also offering a special discounted rate to all Walker Tracker users to their 30 Days to Thriving nutrition + mindset program. Sign up with Fitlandia at enter the offer code WALKER25 to save 25% off the registration fee.


Dad Jokes
You are invited to stay active, healthy and have a little chuckle along the way in our “Dad Jokes” Challenge. We all know what makes a Dad so special…it’s those corny jokes! You know the ones… the jokes you wish didn’t make you laugh, but do. During this Challenge, we hope you have a little fun while uncovering healthy tips and facts.


Run the World Running Celebration
Global Running Day was June 6th, but we think every day should be a celebration of running. This is your chance to Run the World! You’ll take on the fastest in the world! You’ll cross the finish lines of the world’s biggest marathons from Japan to the United States to Qatar. Learn fun facts along the way like who currently holds the fastest marathon time to the food most runners cannot live without. Lace up your running shoes, do your warm-up drills and get ready to run!


Interested in these challenges?
If you are a Program Administrator and are interested in adding any of these challenge routes to your program, please contact us here