A new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that the intensity of the pace of our walk matters just as much as the amount of walking we do.

The study focused on longevity amongst 38,981 participants that walked daily. Walkers had varying paces, some were speedy, some ambled, some strolled. It turns out that those who walked at a brisk pace were healthier and although a bit ghoulish, outlived the slow walkers.

So how do we know if we’re walking fast enough? To measure your speed you can use your Pebble or Omron pedometers, an app like Moves or find a 400 meter track at a local school, then use a stopwatch to time your walk.

And then what? Healthy exercise guidelines want us to aim for 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise. For walkers, this means we should aim for a pace of 15 to 16 minutes per mile.

Let’s pick up the pace Walkers and remember to stay happy and healthy – Read more about it at The New York Times