I’m fighting sleep as I wait for the coffee pot. I shouldn’t need it; I’ve already had coffee today. Yet, here I am: it’s only 1:00 in the afternoon and the harsh smell and bubbling sound are the only things keeping me from nodding off. Why am I so tired? I went back over my wellness metrics for the past few days and checked on how I’d been eating and sleeping. Looking at my numbers, I could see that I hadn’t gotten a full 8 hours any day that week. I also realized that, even though I had cooked or purchased at least one balanced meal a day, I was replacing meals with snacks on a regular basis. I was shocked. Not because I’d been slipping on healthy habits; that’s normal for anyone working on their health. I was shocked because I had convinced myself I was being so much stricter than I was. My wellness metrics, however, told a different story. Wellness metrics are easy to overlook: rating your eating, mood, and sleep requires you make judgments on your daily behavior. And, since they’re optional in our in-house Walker Tracker program, I understand the temptation to put them aside and focus on the numbers that our devices are tracking for us. This experience made it clear, though: this information was important to my health. Wellness Metrics Tracking Seeing how these metrics change over time is very real data. Keeping a log of your wellness isn’t about pressuring yourself to never eat a convenient meal or never stay up binging a new show. When you track each day, you’ll discover these bad habits before you’re too tired to get through a workday. Wellness metrics may be optional, but they’re one of Walker Tracker’s most important resources. At Walker Tracker, one of our core beliefs is that what is measured improves. Tracking these concepts and how they change over time will make you more mindful of your health.   Is there a wellness metric you’ve been tracking that has helped you to stay healthy or reach a personal goal?  We would love to hear about it. Please share your experience in the comments below. Wellness metrics are not activated in all Walker Tracker programs. Please contact your program admin if you are interested in accessing this feature.