Imagine running a wellness challenge so engaging that more staff participate than watch the Super Bowl each year. That’s exactly what happened with Moda Health.

Here’s how…

Meet Moda

Moda Health is a leading healthcare company in Portland, Oregon. Naturally, they are on the front foot with corporate wellness, so they’ve hosted staff fitness challenges for a decade.

Moda’s fitness challenge took the form of a step challenge, where groups of employees team up and pool their steps. The team with the most steps collects the kudos. Step challenges bring teams together to make them healthier and happier!

When Steps Start to Drag

For years, Moda’s wellness challenge required manually collecting, entering, calculating, and posting employee step data. It was as cumbersome as it sounds. Hours of staff time went into boring data entry. Employees had to manually submit steps. Some people were excluded by technical limitations.

After a few years, enthusiasm waned, with under 20% of staff participating. Moda needed to step up their step challenge.

All aboard!

In 2017, Moda used Walker Tracker to refresh their annual challenge. Results were instant.

Walker Tracker included more people with new ways to join, like a custom mobile app, SMS submission (for non-smartphones), and activity-to-step conversion for disabled or injured employees. Now, everyone could step their team to victory!

Burn calories, not hours…

Walker Tracker’s dashboard made it fun for Moda’s management to track results and motivate participants. Step submissions were easy (often automatic), and Walker Tracker calculated results and displayed them in a fun and motivating leaderboard.

More people + more activity = happier, healthier staff

Not surprisingly, a program gets better results when it’s inclusive, fun, and simple! From Moda’s last year with their proprietary system to the second year of Walker Tracker, 2x employees participated with nearly 4x more steps were logged.

In just two years, Walker Tracker drove twice the people and four times the activity.

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