The Navy at Patuxent River is one of our first customers and they have been using the site for years.  It wouldn’t be the success that it is without the leadership and enthusiasm of Kerry Davis.


1. Why did you want to start a walking program?

I was inspired at the ACSM Health/Fitness Summit in 2008 (I can’t remember the year for sure!). They featured several programs which were geared toward just getting people MOVING, even if it is just adding steps to their daily lives.

I knew that there were a lot of very busy people in my community, who did not have the time to get away from work for a lunchtime workout. I also knew there were a lot of people who would be intimidated to come to the gym or to take a group fitness class. So, I wanted to create a program that would cater to both of these populations, where they could do all of the walking on their own time and in a comfortable location to them.


 2. What has been the most difficult part? How did you overcome that?

The most difficult part has been deciding what prizes to give! I have many repeat participants, so I like to have different prizes for them, and it is hard to know how many prizes to have on hand at the beginning of the program.


3. How about the most successful and fun part?

It is so exciting to talk to the participants who have really made a change in their lives because of programs like this. One lady was very competitive, and she told me that she would walk in place at her desk while checking e-mails so that she could keep getting steps! Others have told me about decreasing medications, and weight loss! Small changes really can make a big difference in your life.


 4. Any advice you would give to people just starting a walking program?

Use the WalkerTracker website! The very first time that I used the website for a walking program, I had 325 participants. It was very overwhelming because I did not know how to use the website to collect the data. Ben contacted me because he saw how many people had just signed up for the website, and my programs have been MUCH easier to run since!


 5. Favorite part about Walker Tracker?

My favorite part is really the people in the background. Taylor and Ben and others have done an amazing job helping me set up the website to reach the goals that I have set for each program.

As far as the website itself goes, I like the step converter. I also like that the participants can choose their level of involvement. Some will get really into it and post pictures and comments, and others simply want to enter steps in each day.


6. Any other comments

My participants have really enjoyed the maps. We are getting ready to try the points system for the first time, so I look forward to that! Thank you so much for everything!