There’s a great article at the New York Times today called A Sharper Mind, Middle Age and Beyond which details a massive study on cognitive function and aging, called Midus.

One of the largest take-aways from the study, is how much better the mind continues to function with mental exercise. Specifically, a college degree, but also with continuing mental exercises. What else isn’t surprising? Physical exercise has a positive impact on our cognitive abilities.

I loved this quote:

Senior citizens who performed as well as younger adults in fluid intelligence tended to share four characteristics in addition to having a college degree and regularly engaging in mental workouts: they exercised frequently; they were socially active, frequently seeing friends and family, volunteering or attending meetings; they were better at remaining calm in the face of stress; and they felt more in control of their lives.

I’m happy to report that we can help with at least three of those four: Walking has been proven to relieve stress, our social tools can make you feel involved and connected to those around you, and, of course, we are at heart a tool to help promote and track exercise.