A few years ago, I had my workout routine down. I made it to the gym on a regular basis and felt great afterwards. But after a while, going to the same exercise classes and working out on the same exercise equipment started to feel stale. Has this ever happened to you? It’s not surprising. While we are creatures of habit, change and challenge can help to keep us motivated in our healthy routines.

Here are some tips on how bash boredom and get excited about exercise, or at least make it more enjoyable.

Change It Up

If you regularly list to music during your physical activity, even a new playlist can help prevent boredom. It’s even better to shuffle the songs, so you never know what’s coming up next.

What muscle groups are you neglecting? Switching up your physical activity to target different muscle groups will not only bash boredom, but it also will decrease your risk for injury or help you stay active while recovering from hard workouts or injuries.

Try variations of your favorite physical activity, like aerial yoga, pool cycling, indoor obstacle course, or Bollywood dance.

Personal training sessions can provide personal evaluation and motivation, and introduce you to new fitness techniques and equipment.

Enjoy the Challenge

Set a goal for yourself. Setting challenging, yet attainable, goals for yourself will help keep you motivated. It is important to continually evaluate your goals so you keep being challenged. Once a challenge gets too easy, it will seem more like a chore. Continue to test your limits. Sign up for a race or similar fitness event. Maybe join a training team or group to help reach your goal.

Don’t forget to reward yourself. Avoid workout burnout by making your workout more game-like, with points and rewards. Log your workouts on the Walker Tracker app and receive points for logging and meeting goals. (Ex. Each time you reach a new points level, treat yourself to a massage.)

It’s important for your physical activity to be enjoyable to keep you moving. Maybe boredom is why trying to work out regularly never stuck before. Why not give it another try? Even if you are still enjoying your current fitness routine, it is a good idea to include variety often to keep things interesting and fun. What can you do this week to “spice up” your fitness routine?