We have walkers all over the world! This month I wanted to highlight an international program.  Not only is their program administrator inspiring and encouraging them to walk, but they also had a really fun and motivating goal in this last challenge.  The American Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal competed against the embassy in Warsaw, Poland to trek from one embassy to the other!  Below is the interview with Karen Mera, the admin from The American Embassy in Kathmandu.


1. You originally came to us from Freetown, Sierra Leone.  How has it been different the second time around (running the program with Kathmandu)?  Was it easier since you already knew how it works?

Yes, it was easier, and I was able to use my experience in Freetown to do new things in Kathmandu.  We also were able to get more participants here in Kathmandu where the Embassy is bigger and people are more active.


2. Why did you decide to start a walking program?

I was looking for ways to get my patients moving and have fun at the same time.  Walking is possible for almost everyone, so these programs can reach a big audience.


3. What has been the most difficult part?

It’s all been quite easy, with Walker Tracker designing the website, maps, etc.  Probably most difficult is getting participants to give back their pedometers at the end of each competition.  Many want to keep tracking their steps even after the program is over!


4. How about the easiest and most fun part?

I love the maps and the whole Walker Tracker website.


5. Any advice you would give to people just starting a walking program?

Go for it!  I wasn’t sure if we would even get a dozen participants, but each time I’ve run a challenge we’ve had more people interested than we can actually accommodate.


6. Favorite feature on Walker Tracker or favorite part about working with Walker Tracker?

Customer service has been great, the website is easy to use, and participants have a lot of fun with it.  I would highly recommend Walker Tracker to anyone considering a pedometer challenge program.