Ready to  spice up your wellness program? Challenge your members to work together as they  compete against other groups nation-wide! Join our Spring challenge, New Zealand’s North Island Adventure. Your goal is to race against other wellness programs to see which organization can reach the highest average steps. The best part is you’ll be boosting your member physical activity levels and organization morale while doing it!

Challenge Info
The New Zealand’s North Island Adventure challenge will start on April 1st, 2020 (National Walking Day!) and continue for the entire month of April. Participants enter steps on the website or mobile app or through a connected device. As their steps sync with Walker Tracker, they will progress along the virtual map route unlocking motivating and interesting milestone markers. All active members (those who record steps during the challenge period) will be contributing to their program’s step average. We’ll start in Auckland and then head down the west side of the island before reaching New Plymouth. Get ready for an exciting and active adventure!   

Registration Details
If you are interested in joining the Program vs Program challenge contact your Customer Success Manager by March 23rd to receive promotional materials. You may open registration for your current site at any time. If a current Walker Tracker program refers a new group, both groups will receive a discount on their next annual program. 

Why participate in a program vs program challenge? It’s fun, of course! We have run a few of these types of challenges before and every time, members rave about getting to support their organization, while having fun and building healthier habits at the same time.

 Does it cost extra? The challenge is included as a gift with all Enterprise Walker Tracker programs. Want to start working with Walker Tracker? Contact us!

How is the winner determined? The challenge steps are calculated based on the cumulative daily step average for all active members (members who record steps during the challenge). So, the efforts of your engaged members will not be negatively affected by members who choose not to participate.

Will there be prizes?
We will be pleased to offer the group with the highest participation percentage a discount on their next Walker Tracker event. While Walker Tracker will not be providing member prizes for this event, you are welcome to reward your members. Click here for incentive ideas. 

What will the challenge look like? The challenge will include a virtual map and progress leaderboard. The different organizations will appear on the leaderboard, similar to our team challenges. We take privacy seriously; there is no sharing of information of contact between the competing organizations. 

We look forward to seeing you in New Zealand!