heat waveWith a record heatwave scorching the Southwest United States, we’re reminded of how it can be difficult to maintain fitness commitments in extreme weather. Finding ways to keep moving in excessive heat can be challenging. As temperatures in the southwestern are reaching 100 degrees and above, even brief walks outdoors can be too much (120 degrees! Yikes!).

When your city is under a heat advisory, remember to drink plenty of water. If the temperatures are above 100 degrees, drink four cups of water per hour. If you stop sweating get to a shady place or indoors as quickly as possible as this is a sign of heat exhaustion. Here are more tips from the Red Cross for staying safe in extreme weather.

Walking early in the morning, or during the cooler evening, swimming (which packs a whopping 174 steps per minute even at a leisurely pace), or finding a cool place to walk such as an indoor mall, are great ways to stay active even in extreme weather.

How do you cope with the heat? Do you find your activity level decreases or do you find creative ways to beat the heat?