No matter where you are, there probably comes a time when it is too hot to even think about working out or getting active outside. Hey, where I am at currently, it’s supposed to be 98 degrees but with humidity, it will feel like 107 today! *Excuse me while I melt*

When the season turns the outdoors into a sauna, it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to not be active. It means that you need to be a little more strategic and thoughtful when you’re outside and what you’re doing.

1. The earlier the better!

This one can be applied at any time of year. The earlier you get your workout in, the more likely you are to do it. There is less of a chance for things to come up in your day to distract you or give you an excuse to not get to it. Also, the¬†coolest part of the day is right before the sun comes up. So if you’re somewhere where it gets hot quick, right around dawn or the early morning hours is when you want to be out and about. Starting your day when the world is still quiet with a workout really sets the pace for the rest of your day.

2. Drink water

Drink it. Lots of it. Hydration is of the utmost importance when it’s hot outside since you lose so much when you sweat! Another thing to add is salt. Yes, salt. Salt is also lost with sweat and is an important mineral that your body needs. Find a drink with some electrolytes and a little sodium to keep you feeling good.

3. Play in the water

Go to the lake. Go to the beach. Go to the river. Go to the pool. Even if you don’t swim laps, jumping around, wading, kicking and splashing are great ways to be active and stay cool. Plus, activities in water are much easier on your joints! No bodies of water nearby? May I suggest a water balloon fight? Water gun fight? A sprinkler perhaps? Connect with your inner-child and you’ll find yourself running, laughing, screaming and having a grand ol’ time! Remember – stay safe in the water and wear a life jacket if you’re not confident with your swimming abilities.

4. Try something new indoors

Check out that indoor rock gym that you’ve been hearing about. Look on Groupon for a new gym or class that you’ve been interested in trying, but didn’t want to drop a ton of money on. Find a YouTube channel with workouts you can do from the comfort of your living room. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to reap the rewards of being active!

5. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, oh my!

If you’re outside for any period of time, it’s really important to make sure you’re covered and protected. Slathering sunscreen on right before you hop in the pool isn’t going to cut it either. Sunscreen should be added at least a half an hour before you’re out in the sun in order to provide the most protection. Another added layer of protection you should consider is a hat and/or sunglasses to keep you looking young. One bonus, a hat will help keep sweat out of your eyes.

No matter where you are or what temperatures you’re experiencing, don’t let the weather be an excuse! You’re better than that, right? This time of year is great for getting outdoors (at least at some point in the day) and soaking up the sun.

The Walker Tracker mobile app is always with you! Track your activities. Do you have any tips to avoid the heat while still being active?

Happy Summer, everyone!