I just received an email from Matt Green, who just recently finished a 157 day walk across America.

He has given a few talks on his experience and says he’s been getting great feedback. I think it’s a tremendous thing he’s done, and I would imagine the kind of things you could bring back from a walk of that length would be very much worth hearing. His talk is largely based around his experiences on that trip. A couple of lessons he felt were most vital are:

  1. The world is a far kinder and less scary place than we’re told, and
  2. There is so much beauty around us, often right in front of our eyes, that we take for granted.

I’ve got a few talks lined up for 2011, but I’d love to add more, so if you know of a group that might be interested in having me do a presentation (anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes), please let me know.

Sounds like something I’d love to hear. Drop Matt a line. His site is: http://imjustwalkin.com/