Ellen grew up in Central Oregon and has been an active outdoor enthusiast all her life:

“I was spoiled with lots of trails for horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and cliffs for climbing.  Central Oregon is actually rated the top place to live in Outdoor Magazine. Having all that so close meant that from a young age I started to enjoy and experience being active.”


Ellen has lived in Southern California, Southwestern United States, and Austin, TX and enjoyed moving around.  She says that no matter where she’s lived, she has been able to discover the best of each place through walking!

“Walking takes me into the nooks and crannies of a city. Walking helped me discover my favorite bookstores, my favorite houses (mostly in New Orleans) and walking took me to my favorite restaurants.


How did Walker Tracker get so lucky to have Ellen join the family?  We knew at first meet that she would fit in well here.  She had read about us through a lead from her college.

“This one was for me! They were looking of for a blogger; well I had just started my own. They were looking for some to help with customer service; well I had so many years of customer service I’d say I could give a seminar on it! And what was this? THEY LOVED WALKING! I will admit, I am a runner most often, but walking is a great alternative and gives me time to enjoy my surroundings. What’s better than working for a company that inspires others to walk? To be active? To just get out and move?! It is also really inspiring working among people that have seen this company through from just an idea to the platform that is Walker Tracker today. Knowing that we are a catalyst for people to get up and get active and that I am a part of that keeps me looking forward to work. “


So, how does she do it all?  Ellen has a lot on her plate and still manages to be active, work and take classes!  Here’s a bit about her fitness life:

“I try to walk or run 5-6 times a week. Usually my boyfriend and I run three times a week and I’ll go to the gym the other days and do the elliptical or walk on the treadmill. We really enjoy after dinner walks. It gets the blood pumping to places besides your stomach and gets the food moving too. I really enjoy walking around sunset and looking out to Mt. Hood as the sunset reflects off the snow. There is a park near my neighborhood that we will usually walk/run through and we love to look at the for sale signs of houses trying to make a guess on how much they might be. Here in Portland I enjoy walking the waterfront and crossing the bridges. We also have Forest Park, which is the biggest park within a city in the United States. Yes, bigger than Central Park! I also love hunting for waterfalls and a great area for that is off of the I-84 East Freeway going towards The Dalles.”



To read more from Ellen, check out her blog.  http://fitnhappycouple.tumblr.com

Welcome to Walker Tracker, we are glad and proud to have you!