Walker Tracker for Remote Teams

As of this writing in August 2020, we can safely say it’s been a more challenging and complex year than most.

We’ve seen tremendous increase in remote working this year. As a result, we’ve seen creative ways that our clients and admins are using Walker Tracker.

Walker Tracker collects activity data from team members and reports it on a fun, engaging virtual map complete with social tools and wellness components. Historically, HR departments and organization heads have used us to inspire healthy activity, build camaraderie, and drive staff engagement.

In 2020, we’ve seen administrators using our software to provide regular reminders to help employees “check in” and “check out” of work from their home offices, feel connected with their coworkers when they can’t be together, inspire healthy at home activity by converting yard work, body weight exercises, and yoga (among others) into steps, cross-pollinate with other departments, and get outside when the day is done.

Activity challenges are essential for remote workforces.

In addition, Walker Tracker has transitioned to a fully virtual office environment as well!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned from our administrators, members, team members, and industry. These insights are for anyone interested in enhancing digital social interaction, building healthy habits from home, Maintaining accountability in remote environments, and more. 

As we get started, here’s a quick primer on how we’ll be covering things…

What is remote work?

Historically, professionals have called this “telecommuting,” but this term is slowly making way for terms like “remote work,” “work from home / WFH,” “distributed work,” “mobile work,” and “smart working (UK).” 

According to Remote.co, “a remote worker is someone who works outside of a traditional office.”

Simple enough. We refer to “remote workers” as people who work in a location of their choice versus reporting to a traditional office. We’ll do our best to exclude data from industries where the job role is remote by nature (onsite solutions engineers, traveling salespeople, etc), but some studies and reports cover the entire American or global workforce.

What we’re covering

The State of Remote Work

Remote work isn’t coming, it’s here. We’ll share statistics and stories around how the workplace is shifting, how employees and managers view the shift, and how you can embrace and thrive in these new conditions.

Even if your workplace requires onsite presence, the new conditions affect hiring, retention, employee expectations, and collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on the tools and practices needed to stay current to attract, nurture, and retain talent for the modern era.

Opportunities and Obstacles

Change creates uncertainty and opportunity. We’ll review specifics on how to address these factors. Specifics will include the following:


  • Staying connected
  • Managing remote staff without micromanaging
  • Keeping schedules aligned
  • Accountability and recognition
  • Physical health and activity
  • Mental health and mood


  • Staff happiness and loyalty
  • Physical health 
  • Mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Production-reporting and project management engagement
  • Expanded talent pool
  • Cost savings

Tools and software

We’ll cover a quick guide on tools and specific products used to help with productivity, social cohesion, physical health, mental health, and more.

Best practices

Learn what the best in the industry are doing to keep up in this ever changing environment. This section includes checklists and guides for remote teams.

All Aboard!

Interested? Great. Here’s how to stay tuned as this series unfolds.

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