The Renaissance man of Walker Tracker, Taylor spends his days supporting both clients and colleagues. He’s the go-to person when members run into trouble or have questions about the software, solving issues and sharing feedback to developers. He also writes documentation for Walker Tracker’s products and acts as an editor for other employees.

Following His Interests

Taylor has always strived to stay true to himself. Although he grew up in sunny Santa Barbara, he preferred to spend his days reading or watching movies instead of on the beach. When he got outside, though, he did invest time in learning to swim and sail. 

Once he graduated college, Taylor landed in a tough job market that required him to walk down several skill paths. After trying his hand at writing in a number of different fields he chose to pursue a graduate degree in technical writing to hone and further develop his skills. When he graduated with a Master’s in Technical Writing from PSU, he found a home at Walker Tracker.

A Passion for Wellness

A job at Walker Tracker felt like a perfect fit for someone focusing on his own health. A skillset that matched the company’s needs sealed the deal. What’s kept Taylor with Walker Tracker is the environment. “They really are committed to health, physical and mental. I can feel the genuine passion for wellness that goes into what we do, and how glad we all are when our programs work for people.”

Taylor’s personal wellness journey is another reflection of his willingness to keep trying until he finds the perfect fit. He shared that he’s gone through program after program, but would always burn out.

“Nobody is lazy, we’re just motivated differently and a lot of us haven’t figured out what motivates us.”

Taylor Shiells

 It wasn’t until he tried MMA that he found an activity that engaged him like no other, thanks to the competitive aspect of the sport.

Taylor took the time to answer a few fun questions for us!

How do you like to stay active and well?

I practice mixed martial arts, and since I don’t own a car so I travel Portland on foot wherever I can!

What was the last book you read?

“A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. It was a comedy written in the 60s about a frustrated man with a bizarre but misaligned mind getting into comic mischief in his attempts to passively rebel against the culture of New Orleans. It wasn’t published until decades after being written but would win the Pulitzer Prize once it was. It’s a shockingly ahead of its time and hilarious book, all about frustrated men, reaction to changing times, and how people don’t fit in. I think everyone should read it.

What are a couple things on your bucket list?

I don’t make lists like that, but I want to live in more countries and on more continents.

Where would you like to travel?

I would really like to visit New Zealand, and hopefully from there do a tour of other countries to sample street food from every country in Eastern Asia.