The stereotypical accountant is boring, introverted, loves to do taxes and does not live outside the office. However, Tammy Schlaadt, the Manager of Accounting and Administration at Walker Tracker, is anything but the stereotypical accountant. She is a wife, mother, humanitarian, and citizen of the world. She is someone who has chosen to create a life filled with love, kindness, and exploration, and is intent on keeping life interesting…one accounting transaction at a time.

Canada’s Finest

Growing up in the small town of Midland, in Ontario, Canada, Tammy was the oldest of seven siblings. Having exceptionally young parents definitely had some challenges, but one of the biggest benefits of young parents was that they were able to keep up with her active lifestyle. Tammy thrived in school. She played volleyball, basketball, was on the track and field team, as well as on the gymnastics and rowing teams. She was a part of Ontario’s first Young Author’s Conference, and was the valedictorian of her graduating class.

Tammy later moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and initially planned to major in International Trade because of her passion to travel. After her freshman year she changed her major to Accounting, with a minor in Business Law. She discovered her calling when she took an Accounting course. “Many of my other classes were pretty easy, but with accounting, I had to think a little more about how the transactions flowed through. Everyone thinks that accounting is just numbers, but it’s really more about principles and policies.”

West Coast Dreaming

Growing up in a small town, where winters tend to last eight months and everyone knows everyone, Tammy always yearned to see and experience more of the world. With the passion to travel and the attitude of never wanting to be a person who complained about something they could control, Tammy looked to start her career in a warmer climate. A friend connected her to an opportunity with a local CPA firm in Santa Monica, CA. After five years in Southern California, she decided a change was needed, and moved north to Oregon with her then fiance. “We moved to Oregon to settle down. Things didn’t work out with that relationship, but I stayed because I loved it. It was the perfect median between California and Toronto.” Tammy has been in the Pacific Northwest for 18 years, and says this is the place she calls home. “You can travel to the ocean and the mountains on the same day. It’s easy to be one with nature when there are so many beautiful places to hike.” Although the Pacific Northwest is where she calls home, she loves visiting family and friends in Ontario, and holds a very special place in her heart for her homeland.

Tammy is happily married and the mother of a brilliant and kind 11 year old daughter. “My daughter would love to be a writer, and she’s a talented musician, who can hear something and immediately play it on the piano. It’s pretty amazing.” She’s also the mother of two crazy pugs and three very cute Dumbo rats. 

Conscious Kindness

Kindness is a way of life for Tammy and her family. When Tammy’s daughter was three, they started “birthday acts of kindness,” where throughout the year her daughter completes at least the number of significant acts of kindness as her age that she will be turning (i.e. three significant acts of kindness by age three). Recently, her daughter donated her hair to “Wigs for Kids,” an organization that creates and pays for the wigs for children that have lost their hair to illness. Last year, while vacationing in the Virgin Islands, they put together backpacks of school supplies to donate to schools and communities who’d been ravaged by a hurricane the previous year. Tammy’s daughter donated her own money toward the backpack and school supplies. They also put together bags of food, money, and supplies to hand to people facing homelessness in the area. “It’s important for us to teach our daughter to always be conscious about acts of kindness,” Tammy says. 

“I love it here. Not only is health and wellness something I feel very strongly about, and can really get behind, but the culture is so different from anywhere I’ve worked, and the people are amazing.”

Tammy Schlaft

Manager of Accounting and Administration, Walker Tracker

Tammy’s attention to detail, commitment to hard work, and jovial personality make her an amazing fit for the Walker Tracker team. “I love it here. Not only is health and wellness something I feel very strongly about, and can really get behind, but the culture is so different from anywhere I’ve worked, and the people are amazing.”

We had the chance to ask Tammy some fun questions. Here’s what she said.


What is the last book you read? 

It’s been too long – the last books I read were Inheritance by Dani Shapiro and Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.

What kind of things do you do to stay physically active? 

I try to stay active by hiking with my husband & daughter and walking the dogs. I love jogging, and used to travel with friends to participate in fun half marathons, and team relays, but shortly after moving to Washington, I started having anaphylactic attacks, so I have not jogged for over a year 🙁

Name three things on your bucket list

So much of it is travelling and experiencing new cultures: travelling to Africa, and going on a Safari, to Egypt to see the Pyramids. I’d love to hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. I’d love to go to India. 

Favorite place that you’ve traveled to? 

Love, love, love to travel, and can’t wait until the Covid-19 situation is a little more stable to take more trips and see the world with my daughter & husband. Favorite places traveled are probably Australia, Costa Rica & St. John’s in the Virgin Islands. 

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do with the money? 

I guess that would depend on how much the lottery win was…lol. In all honesty, if I won the lottery big (my husband always tells me I already have, haha), I would set up several trust accounts to take care of family and trusts for various charities.

Is there a Fun fact that you’d like to share about yourself?

I’m Canadian, I love poutine. I’ve been skydiving and I’ve ziplined in four different countries. 

Are there any quotes, catchphrases, etc. that you’ve tried to live by?

“Be the reason someone smiles today.” You never know what a person is going through.