Hello! My name is Emily and I am the newest member of the Walker Tracker team. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I developed a love for cycling. I have been living in Portland for a year now and I feel quite at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I was attracted to the environmentalist and bike cultures, and, not surprisingly, I discovered an excellent wellness culture, as well.  

I am joining Walker Tracker as a program manager with a health research background. I look forward to using my research and communications skills to help promote a culture of wellness. I am always seeking opportunities to learn, especially when it comes to new developments in the health and wellness field, and I enjoy sharing what I learn with others.

When I am away from my desk, I hope to be either on a walk (really!), riding my bike, or out catching up with friends and colleagues. If I feel like staying inside, I could be working on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle or getting lost in a book. A couple of my favorite places around town are Powell’s Bookstore and Laurelhurst Park. I also enjoy visiting local farmer’s markets and volunteering at various local organizations.

My current favorite health tip is: Re-learn how to play. This can be a challenge if you are like me and value productivity, but having fun is essential for the wellbeing of people of all ages. You will be more productive and joyful, when you take time to play. We all have our own ideas of what play can be. For some of us, it’s a 10-mile hike, for others a family game night. Whatever brings you joy, do that. Let’s find time to have more fun!

Be well,