We are very happy to welcome Adriana Aguilar (odd-rhee-on-uh  ogg-yew-lar) to the Walker Tracker team! This awesome Account Executive is the latest addition to our all star Sales team with a focus on identifying new opportunities to advance our processes and procedures. Adriana comes equipped with an adventurous spirit (more on that later), a sense of humor, and a heart for service. Say hello to Adriana!

Essayist, philosopher, and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson said “the first wealth is health.” For Adriana, this mantra has been a guiding force in her career choice. “My main criteria for my career was that I wanted to be able to help people in some way, and healthcare is an obvious, straightforward way to do that.” This Hillsboro native began her career working in non-profit healthcare organizations, where she educated people on chronic diseases, connected patients to treatment options, and prepared them for their appointments. “It was a lot of one-on-one with people  and it was instantly gratifying to hear someone say they feel better about this and they know what steps to take next.” As Adriana advanced her career in health and wellness, she focused on finding a place with the right culture and environment. “I wanted to work for a smaller organization where I could really collaborate with people and have a say in things and Walker Tracker seemed to foster a culture that enabled that. I saw this role as an opportunity to apply my passion and desire to be in the health and wellness field in a different way, to grow my own skill sets, and to broaden my view on how I can help people.” We asked Adriana a few fun questions, and here is what she had to say: You’re from the Portland area, Hillsboro specifically.  Native Portlanders are pretty rare to find in the city these days. How do people usually react when you tell them you’re from Portland? People often say “oh wow, it’s very rare that I run into someone who is born and raised here.” More and more these days I run into a lot of Midwest people, people from all over. People are caught off guard and surprised very often, which is still so weird to me. Portland has blossomed, and people are flocking here, and there are fewer and fewer native Oregonians, at least in Portland proper. What are some things about this area that you really enjoy? One of the major reasons I have stayed here is friends and family. The majority of my friends and family are close by, so it would be really hard to not be close to them if I moved away. I also love that we have the beach close by and we have the mountain close by. I think I take the mild climate for granted. I’ve talked to people from other parts of the country who say “we’ve had hurricanes or earthquakes.” There has not been any monumental natural disaster (knock on wood) here. I am also a foodie, I love food and there’s lots of good food here. With more people coming to Portland, I do think there is more culture, bigger artists coming to town and people recognize Portland as a hub and a worthwhile place to share your art. What is the last book that you read? I’m in the middle of reading Where the Crawdads Sing. What things do you like to do to stay physically active? I like hiking and I also like walking around town since I live close to the waterfront and the Tilikum Bridge. I also want to go snowshoeing more this winter. I like doing seasonal stuff. I have a friend who has a boat and we’ll go wakeboarding in the summertime- that tends to be very strenuous. I also enjoy playing tennis and volleyball. Aren’t you a fan of swimming with sharks too? When I went swimming with nurse sharks at a water park in Mexico, they told us about the sharks, that the shark sits on your lap and they feed it and you pet it then they let you swim with the sharks. When we went to swim with the sharks they went to the bottom of the pool and you couldn’t see them at all! If I go back to Hawaii one day, I would like to swim with reef sharks. What are three things on your bucket list? Swimming with sharks in the wild (and being able to see them), going to New York City during Christmas time, and skydiving. I’d say those are three off the top of my mind. What has been your favorite place to travel to? I would say Mexico, because there’s a lot of variety. My dad grew up in a small town in Mexico, I have family there, and it is a different way of life. Then, contrast that with going to a place like Cancun, it’s a totally different experience. I’d say Mexico for the food, family and the scenery. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you’d do with the money? Pay off my students loans! Then meet with an investor to make that money live for as long as possible. Could you share a fun fact about yourself? I don’t have a middle name. I am not sure why my parents opted to do that. I don’t have a middle name and neither of my two sisters do either.