Be your best self. Find your own path. Set healthy boundaries.  Maddison Bezdicek’s approach to wellness, work, and living is inspiring.  As the Health Strategies Practice Leader at Hylant, she is on the cusp of the workplace well-being evolution as the industry moves from a limited physical health model to a robust, supportive holistic focus. This is what being an Influential Woman in Wellness is all about. We’re on board!  Show us the way, Maddison!

Tell us about yourself.

I started in this field with a passion for exercise and nutrition. I started my career in corporate fitness working at Dick’s Sporting Goods employee fitness center while I studied weight-loss research in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. 

I learned I was not cut out for statistics and grant writing, so I decided to try working in corporate wellness when a friend asked if I wanted to come work with him at an insurance brokerage firm as a wellness specialist. Fun fact – my mission during my first week at my “real job” was to figure out what an insurance broker actually was; it took me more than a week.

My next job was at Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield on the carrier side in Pittsburgh where I learned that a fun and supportive work culture can truly impact your life in so many ways. I’m now back on the insurance broker side at Hylant where I have been for 7 years. The field of workplace well-being has evolved so much over that time and it’s been refreshing and invigorating to see the industry change from a sole physical health outcomes-based focus to a supportive holistic focus.

What is your WHY?

I feel in love with workplace well-being because we all have the potential to work towards becoming our best selves and we spend so much time at work. We all have the ability to grow through the choices we make and the grace to stumble and learn along the way.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

You don’t have to have it all figured out! Everyone has their own path. Stay focused on how to use your gifts to help people and you’ll be just fine.


There are a lot of women in the health/wellbeing space.  Do you think women are uniquely positioned to drive wellness/wellbeing? Why?

I think we all have a story to share and a perspective that matters. We can all choose to better ourselves and help those around us, too.

What women have been influential in your life/path?

My grandmother. She grew up in a broken home and turned around and built a life based on sacrifice, love, and generosity, and still influences me today.

Thoughts on self-care

I believe self-care is misunderstood. I believe self-care isn’t bubble baths or an excuse to be selfish. It’s permission to take care of yourself and set healthy boundaries so that you can best serve those in your influence.

Check out this blog on Financial Wellbeing that Maddison authored in 2019.  Great advice and a comprehensive overview of what financial wellness means to employees.

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